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Why Ticket Management Differs from Help Desk Ticketing

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Today, successful e-commerce is unimaginable without efficient digital support solutions. There are two types of products installed by merchants based on their specific needs. Here are the main differences between them.

Help Desk Programs

Put simply, this software is the interface used by help desk staff. It allows the team to provide first-class support service, in addition to informing the customers about the company’s products or services. The application ranges from small businesses to B2B and B2C. Armed with suitable programs, the help desk is capable of resolving issues and providing counseling. This includes any products and services like computers, software, mobile devices, and others.

Help desk support varies in scope. Big companies use the platforms to merge several channels, as customers send their queries via different communication means. These include emails, instant messengers, chats on company websites, and social media platforms. On the other hand, small-scale internal help desks offer assistance to the company’s staff only.

There are three reasons for the popularity of help desk software:

  1. Efficient tracking of all issues on all connected devices.
  2. Eliminating the possibility of emails landing in the spam folder or getting lost in the large volumes of incoming data.
  3. Integrating all communication channels into a single environment, so that it no longer matters whether the question was asked by phone, email, or in a social media comment.  

Ticket Management Software

Ticket management is not just part of help desk support – it is its crucial element. This type of programs enables the team to maintain a database with details on customers, their problems and working solutions. Thus, it is an essential component of an integrated help desk software suite. Ticket management ensures prompt resolution of problems encountered by customers and staff and streamlined resolution process.

Each incoming request generates a ticket with a unique identifier, whose status is then easily tracked. At any given second, it is possible to see which issues are yet to be settled, by whom, and which tickets have been closed. Thus ensures visibility of all stages in the support process, as well as the division of tasks between employees.

Using the system, the support team may generate, update and handle all incoming tickets. No queries get overlooked, and each request is easy to locate and modify within the system. Customers are automatically notified about any changes in the status of their tickets.

Thus, a help desk should not be confused with ticket management, but they are interconnected. The latter is built into the former, and this combination is key to smooth support processes.